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Sermon Programme

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Sermon Programme January to April 2024


Phillipians - The Joy of Life with Jesus

The message of Philippians reassures us that no matter what happens in life, when we know Jesus, we can experience joy! As the apostle Paul writes his letter to the Philippians, written from a prison cell in Rome around 62AD, we’re reminded that we can be a grateful people in light of what God has done for us. We can rejoice as the gospel continues to advance and transform lives despite the many trials that we may face. Our calling is to live holy lives in response to the gospel as we invite others to trust in Jesus and experience the amazing joy that only he can bring.

Sayings of Jesus on the Cross

The gospels record Jesus’ last words as he died on the cross. On our journey to Easter we will be looking at the 7 sayings of Jesus as he was crucified. As we dwell on what Jesus said we see something more of the beauty of the person of the God-Man Jesus and of his saving work on the cross for those who believe. This series will help us see the depths of our need for a saviour and the extraordinary love of God who in Jesus came to rescue us. This will allow our hearts to be filled with the hope of the resurrection on Easter Sunday.


JOSHUA - the faithfulness of God

Having called His people to Himself and given them the Law, God delivers the people to the Promised Land. He commissions Joshua to lead the people and through a string of military victories the people receive the land of Israel. We see that God fights for His people when they are strong and courageous putting all their trust in Him. We also see that even though the people have been taken out of Egypt, there is still some of Egypt left in their hearts.

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