The Church we want to be

The Church we want to be

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as a church is to see lives changed by Christ. We are passionate about seeing new people put their trust in Jesus for the first time and then together, to grow in love for him and serve him faithfully with the whole of our lives.  Our purpose as a church is to know God more deeply by the power of his word and the Holy Spirit, and to make him known to the world in which we live, giving our lives as a living sacrifice. 

To better understand our vision, it has been broken down into three areas:


This is what we believe we at LCBC are called to do in order for the vision to become reality, recognizing that God uses and equips his people to achieve his ends. Our mission involves:

  • Equipping each other to love Christ wholeheartedly and live out the Gospel in all of life.
  • Encouraging one another to serve joyfully and persevere in the face of trials.
  • Engaging the local community with the love of Christ through word and deed.
  • Enabling Gospel work to grow across our nation and the world.


These are the things that we believe are important in all we do. Since they are rooted in the Bible and are to do with our faith and behaviour, they do not change. They are:

  • Gospel-driven
  • Bible-shaped
  • Spirit-empowered
  • Prayer-dependent
  • People-focused
  • Mission-minded

The full vision document can be downloaded here as a pdf file.


These are the specific things we plan to implement during the course of a year and beyond in order to achieve our vision. These will constantly be reviewed and adapted as we continue to seek the Lord’s will and guidance.

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